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Google’s Top Ten Traits for Successful Managers

Google’s Top Ten Traits for Successful Managers

Earlier this year, Google’s Project Oxygen attempted to prove that managers didn’t matter in the workplace- if anything, they only served to instil 'a layer of bureaucracy’ within the office. They planned to prove this through two methods; manager performance ratings,...

Taking a Career Break

We’ve all probably thought about it at some point. Whether it’s daydreaming about travelling to far flung destinations or starting some charity work, career breaks have often felt like a pipe dream rather than a viable option. A few years ago, this would probably be...

How to Ask for a Pay Rise

When you’re consistently outperforming your colleagues or going well beyond your job expectations, it’s completely fair to want a pay rise. Not only is it an excellent means of retaining staff, but it also helps businesses show that they value their employees and...

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