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It’s 2020. A new year of optimism and fresh starts. Yet there’s also a degree of pressure- to become a bright, shiny new individual who’s setting a tonne of goals for the year ahead.
But what if you’re happy with how things are going? Should you try and push yourself that bit harder for a step up the ladder or stick with your current role?
If you’re unsure how to go about your 2020, fear not. There’s plenty of us that don’t have everything figured out just yet. But if you’re keen to assess your current situation and start looking for a new job, here’s a few things to bear in mind.

Weigh up your options

Is there an opportunity for you to progress in your current role? A chance for a promotion or development?
If so, it can certainly be worth sticking with your employer for now. Have a chat with your manager to get a thorough understanding of the opportunities that lie ahead for 2020, and whether they align with your own career plans.

The Job Hunt

Shaun Thomson, head of Sandler Training, said it was important to avoid being ‘blinkered by the present’ and instead think about where you want to be in the next five years. Once you’ve got this sussed out, you can then apply for jobs that will get you there.
If there are particular companies that you want to work for, don’t hold back. Sending a polite email or reaching out to an employer on LinkedIn can open up new opportunities and keep you within the talent pool.

Tackling your CV

When it comes to sprucing up your CV, it’s essential that you tailor your writing to make it more specific to the role you’re applying for. Include your most relevant jobs and experience, with five bullet points relating to your duties and your impact upon the business.
Contrary to what many recruiters will tell you, it’s acceptable to have a CV that’s longer than two pages. If you have a wealth of experience that’s relevant to the job you want, don’t be afraid to show off!
It sounds obvious, but preparation is everything. Is it going to be more of an informal chat or an intense corporate test? Suss out the company culture, as well as who’s interviewing you. This will allow you to gain a greater understanding of what life is like within the company and whether it will be a good fit.
When preparing questions and answers, try and categorise your work into a handful of topics such as strengths and weaknesses, technical ability and ‘scenario’ based questions. Try to give evidence and examples where possible, as well as your thought processes behind decision-making.
Remember, finding a new job isn’t just about ‘winning’ a role- it’s a two way street. If you’re not getting a feel for a potential workplace during the interview process, you can always walk away and move on to something else. You deserve to feel fulfilled!
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