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Stranger Things and the weird town of Hawkins, Indiana may seem like a world away from our own, but even with roaming monsters and mad scientists on the loose, sometimes the show is closer to home than you think. If you need convincing, here are the reasons why your job is just like Stranger Things.

Demogorgan on a daily basis

No one has a perfect year at work without a single off day, but if there’s someone in your office whose behaviour is monstrous it can bring everyone down. If they’re acting that way because of a big team project where they seem to have taken most of the weight you can ask if there’s a way you can help lighten the load, or if they just act like that all the time and act rude to you or other staff members you can either have a private word with them or raise it with a senior member of staff.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

You may not be taking on a corrupt government or fighting monsters from another dimension, but working well in a team can help you achieve more than you may realise. Having the initiative and skills to excel on an individual basis is great, but you need to know when you accept a helping hand or use the skills of a group to tackle difficult work problems.
It’s also important to remember that you can find help in unexpected places and working with co-workers that you may never usually socialise with. Just like Joyce and Hopper, Steve and Will or the fantastic and fearsome five of Dustin, Lucas, Will, Mike and Eleven, solutions can come from the most unlikely of groups.

The men in the wicked white vans 

Chances are you don’t actually have a huge conspiracy to disprove to save your friends and family, but workplace rumours that lead to untrue beliefs and unfounded opinions about people can be just as bad. If you feel like there’s a gossip monger in your office who is spreading misinformation, you can either choose to ignore it depending on the severity of the gossip e.g, that you were the one who didn’t refill the coffee, or you can tackle it and try to stop it happening again.
It could be a case of miscommunication as office gripes often are, or it could be done with more malicious intentions in which case talk to HR about the issues you’re having and how uncomfortable it’s making you feel to see if you can get to the bottom of it in a non-confrontational way.

Living in the Upside Down

No job is 100% perfect 100% of the time and there are bound to be days where you feel like you can’t concentrate or achieve what you want to to have a productive day, but there are ways to combat this. If you’re someone whose mind wanders into fantasy land at the drop of a hat then try making a list each morning of the priority tasks that you have to do that day. Seeing it actually written down will remind you how much work you have to get done and help you tick off tasks as you go so you can know exactly what has been covered that day.
If you feel that the mysterious black grime on your desk or overgrowing vines from an abandoned desk plant are making you claustrophobic and in need of a Hawkins Lab hazmat suit, try getting organized and clearing the clutter once and for all. Having a clean and tidy work-space will not only look nicer when you’re sat at your desk all day, but having less chaos around you means you’ll feel less chaos and be able to tackle things in a more focused manner without distractions.
Still feel like your superpowers are being underutilised or you’re questioning ‘should I stay or should I go now?’ Come and talk to Connections, we’re as determined as Joyce to find you the right job and when you do we’ll dance like Chief Hopper.