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Applying for jobs can feel like an overwhelming task when companies seem to want a whole host of skills that you may not have. They want you to be all-singing, all-dancing and some jobs want you to have experience that you can’t get without having another job first and the cycle continues. If you want to become the ideal candidate that employers will be desperate to interview and bag your dream job, read on and we’ll tell you how to boost your job skills at any age.

Manage your management

You may not think about it, but project management is an important skill to have in any career. It involves organisation, time management and excellent communication skills which employers are always looking for in a candidate. If you’re not sure where to start, try observing other people who you think are good leaders and take charge effectively in group projects. See how they designate roles and delegate tasks, you can even ask them privately if they have any helpful suggestions that work well for them.

Meme, myself and I

It’s no shock that we live in a digital era and that many companies are open to the possibilities that social media can bring, but not all of them know how to achieve this. Even if you’re not applying for a specific social media or digital marketing role, many employers want candidates that have some understanding of social platforms and don’t think Instagram is a fast way to measure weight.
Having knowledge of SEO, web development or online brand management will always be a useful skill to have on your CV. Talk to any tech-savvy contacts if you have them or look for a course you could undertake in your spare time. Even Youtube can help with videos on how to do things like promote a Facebook post, make an Instagram highlight or check your Twitter analytics.

The customer is always right. Mostly.

If you really want to know how to boost your job skills at any stage, then you need to understand how important customer service is. Whether it’s face-to-face, over the phone or even by carrier pigeon, you have to know how to communicate with customers effectively and present a company’s image in the best way while giving them the help they need.
Work on your patience levels – these will serve you well when a customer is angry or frustrated and learn to be attentive. Customers don’t want generic waffle, they want someone who actually listens to their specific issues and helps them find the right solution. Also learn about using positive language. Telling a customer that a product simply isn’t available for the next month may annoy them, but saying that you can immediately place their order and notify them as soon as it is ready may ease the situation.

Think big about micro(soft)

This one may surprise you, but knowing your way around a Microsoft spreadsheet is surprisingly usefulwhen it comes to boosting your job skills. It can help in more ways than you would expect, like tracking projects, data gathering, accounting and more and is always a core skill to have on your CV. Once again courses and Youtube can be your friend, and having working knowledge even if you don’t think the job will need it will impress an employer due to your versatile skill set.

‘No but yeah but no but yeah but oh my god I so can’t believe you just said that!’

Negotiating also makes the list on how to boost your job skills at any age as if you get the job you want, there may be room for change if you can effectively explain why the company should make it. Whether it’s more slightly more flexible hours or a bonus years down the line, being a good negotiator will serve you well in your career and failing that, at least you can manage when the TV remote gets taken hostage.
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