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When you come across an amazing job in the middle of your search and progress to the interview stage it can seem like a dream come true. You’ve memorised your CV, are dressed to impress and feel confident and then you get thrown by one question. ‘Why do you want this job?’ It may seem like an easy enough question to answer, but in the heat of the moment any answer other than ‘money and stability’ may escape you. Read on for top tips on how to perfect this question and bag the job.

Be the missing jigsaw piece

You can be incredibly qualified and have glowing references, but you won’t get hired if you’re not a good fit for the company. When you apply for a job, research them thoroughly and learn what their company beliefs and values are. If they support everything you disagree with then it probably won’t work out. Look at your career history and your own values and then see where they cross with those of the company and play up to this in interview. Show the interviewer why your experience and passions would benefit what they believe in and how you could help them achieve their goals.

Passion for the product

Similar to expressing interest in the values that the company upholds, you should also be passionate about their products or services. Even if you’ve come from a different industry, there’s a chance that you may already be using one of the companies’ products or have heard of them and showing this is a great way to answer ‘why do you want this job?’ Being able to convey why what they do or produce is actually of interest to you is a great way to show how invested you are in them as a business.

Clear as day

We’re not suggesting that you should lay it all on the line and say that if you don’t get this job you’ll never be happy again, you should still make it clear that you’re keen. You may think you’re acting cool, but you could be coming across as ice-cold and unenthusiastic. Smile and act in a friendly and positive manner and when you’re explaining why you want the job make sure you convey it in your speech.

Thank you, next

While this tip doesn’t directly address how to answer the question ‘why do you want this job,’ it does help you get one step closer to securing it. A good way to leave a positive lasting impression is to send a handwritten thank-you note to the interviewer in the following days. While an email would suffice, there’s an extra thoughtful touch in putting pen to paper and it will show them that you were grateful for the opportunity and really value the position you’re applying for.
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