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The year has come and gone and while we swear we were only complaining about it being too hot yesterday, we’re now counting down the days to Christmas parties and making plans for New Year’s Eve. Around this time it’s normal to take a look back at the year and see what you’ve achieved, how you’ve grown or what you wish you’d done. Many may be dissatisfied with their current job position and if you want to actually make good on the next New Year, New Me goal, we’ve got the best advice on why you should look for your next job now.

The early bird gets the worm

You’re not the only one who will start thinking about a career change over the next few weeks, but chances are that many will let them pass by with plans to start looking for a new job when January rolls around. Don’t be one of these people. Recruiters know that there will be new talent hitting the market soon and may already have jobs listed that you’ll be interested in. If you start applying now you could already be making interview progress or even have secured a job by the time the competition turns up.

Finally achieve your #Goals

All of us have chimed in with the New Year’s countdown and proudly proclaimed that this is our year before abandoning all hopes of a diet, new gym regime and outlook on life two weeks later when we’re lounging on our sofa eating the very last of the Christmas chocolate. If you never feel like you quite achieve what you set out to do, make a firm decision now not to let next year go to waste.
A new year really does mean potential new beginnings and if you stick to your plans you’ll be glad that you did later on. Most people just want to let loose during the holidays and while you can still party and enjoy yourself, putting the extra effort in to also search through freshly listed jobs will mean you’re already on the way to achieving your goals before January 1st.

Schmooze and booze

This is one of the key reasons why you should start looking for your next job now. Christmas is a key time for networking when everyone is enjoying the countdown to the big day and mince pies and fizz suddenly become an acceptable lunch. There will be more networking events, work parties and socials than any other time of the year, and if you fill your calendar with them you can get busy making key contacts that may know of jobs that have just become available or are just a useful person to get pally with.

Goodwill to all men

Going hand in hand with Christmas parties is the heart-warming, charitable feeling that people get at this time of year. It’s the season of glad tidings and goodwill to all men, and if you need to call in a favour with an old colleague, friend or a family member who has inside industry connections, now is a good time to do it. See if you can meet with them to have a chat over a coffee and a mince pie and they may just find time to squeeze you in.
If you want to get a head start and secure your dream job then don’t delay, come and talk to us today and we’ll put you on the right path!