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Game of Thrones will soon be drawing to a close, but across 7 seasons so far, and with the last one now in full swing, it has taught us many lessons that will continue forever. You may be surprised to know how a show full of dragons, whitewalkers and medieval style battles can relate to the modern day workplace, but we’re here to prove otherwise, with the job advice Game of Thrones can teach you.

Make strong alliances

It may seem like everyone in Game of Thrones are best friends one minute and stabbing each other in the back (literally) the next, but much of the show is built around different alliances. People from all different walks of life, levels of nobility and kingdoms learn to seek out those that can make them stronger or protect them, and in turn they will offer skills that the other party needs. This is an important trait to remember throughout your career, as there will always be others that are more well-versed in subjects you are weaker in and vice-versa. If you build good working relationships with a variety of people, you’ll be surprised what you can learn, how you can help others, and what opportunities will open up to you.

Pay your debts

Everyone knows that the Lannister’s always pay their debts, and so should you. Being untrustworthy won’t get you anywhere in your job, and in the Game of Thrones universe it may lead to a gruesome death. If you promise to help someone in return for their help, make sure that you make good on your promises or you’ll build up a bad reputation and find your list of friends falling short.

Play to your strengths

There’s a famous line in Game of Thrones that sums up Tyrion Lannister well – ‘I drink and I know things.’ Tyrion knows that he’s not a great fighter like his brother or as beautiful and cunning as his sister, but he knows a lot of useful people and has the gift of the gab. Given the ruthless nature of GOT Tyrion should have died around 50 times by now, but he knows how to survive and his elevator pitch is perfected.
Even if you’re not usually much of a talker, knowing how to confidently hold a conversation with anyone is one of the top pieces of job advice Game of Thrones can teach you, and will always come in handy when you find a quick opportunity to sell your skills and make a useful new contact.

Lots of little birds

The character Varys talks about his ‘little birds’ that give him information on anyone and everyone, and while you probably shouldn’t spy on and blackmail people, there is some good job advice to learn from this. Try and stay one step ahead of the competition by keeping up with new information about your industry, whether that’s new developments, up and coming important conferences that may benefit you or just a new skill becoming highly valued in your field.
Being in the know will mean that not only are you aware of new opportunities, but you can impress future employers by showing them how enthusiastic and informed you are.
Failing all of these, get three dragons. Chances are no-one will argue with you if they’re going to get crisped.
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