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It’s easy to sit at your desk wishing that you could move up in your job or switch roles without actually doing anything about it, but we’re here to give you much needed motivation. Accomplishing this is easier to do than you may have expected and to prove it we’ve got the daily habits that can benefit your career.

Read all about it

We’re not suggesting that you have to bury your head in a novel every night for the rest of time, but broadening your literary horizons and boosting your knowledge is one of the most important daily habits that can benefit your career. Pay more attention to what is going on in the world and read news from reliable sources. Make sure you pay attention to the sector you’re currently in or one you’d love to move to. You may learn that your dream company is planning on hiring someone with your skill set or that there are opportunities like talks to get involved and gain insight.
You may also discover new authors or journalists whose work you admire and can potentially make connections by reaching out to them with a complimentary tweet and link to their work to put your name in their head.

Scrolling to get the ball rolling

If you spend a lot of your time on social media anyway then this change will be easy for you. Instead of spending all of your scrolling time dedicated to cat videos or memes, learn to actually tune in to the ‘social’ aspect and connect with people. Whether it’s congratulating someone on a successful project on LinkedIn, keeping in touch with an old colleague who has changed jobs or just updating your social appearance, these small changes may not have immediate results, but your network pool will strengthen and grow over time which will benefit you in the future.

Let’s get quizzical

If you want to learn how to enhance your current job experience or to move into another role, talk to someone who has been in that situation and ask them what they did. Learning from people with more experience than you or experience in a different field is a key habit to get into, and they will probably be flattered that you want to speak to them.
Learn how to network better by checking out our handy guide so you can make the most of opportunities where you’ll be exposed to lots of new, interesting people and follow up with them after. You can tell them how you’d love to catch up again in future and discuss a particular topic that they may have mentioned to you or that you’d like to find out more about how they got into their current position. These fresh insights will boost your knowledge on changing careers or how to improve your current situation and may help you make a more informed choice about what to do.

Jack of all trades, Master of none

If you feel like your skill set is varied but you’re not particularly highly skilled in any one field, this is another area where you can introduce daily habits that can benefit your career. Dedicate a portion of each day, whether its twenty minutes or an hour, to building upon something that you enjoy or you think will benefit you going forward.
No matter what skills you’d like to develop, be it social media, software knowledge or problem solving, there are millions of podcasts, videos and online courses and qualifications that can help you with this. It may also mean that you can volunteer for projects or assignments in the future that will make use of your new knowledge.
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