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You may have read the title and wondered whether there actually could be any benefits to working during the most wonderful time of the year but you’d be surprised. From quieter travel, an empty office or an escape route from annoying neighbours or in-laws, here are the best benefits of working over Christmas.

Northern Fail to Northern Favourite

Commuting into work can be the worst part of some people’s day with slow moving buses or over-crowded trains and ending up standing, falling over or having someone way too far into your personal space, but you may find it will suddenly become heavenly.
If you’re working Christmas Eve, the big day or Boxing Day in particular when many people are getting cosy at home, public transport will empty out and give you room to breathe and even get a seat!

‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear’

Even though your usual method of transport may be quieter than usual, for the people who do remain, the festive sense of good will to all men can be infectious. When you reach the office chances are your colleagues will be more relaxed than usual and customers or clients sound closer to elation than exhaustion as knowing Christmas day is coming up puts everyone in a good mood.
Another perk is a lack of meetings that drag, a reduction in calls or emails that would keep you occupied and other distractions which means you can get through the important things quickly and effectively. While you may still get one or two bah-humbugs when dealing with others, you have to remember that you’ll never change every single Scrooge and you can always rely on your own raised spirits to carry you through.

Take pity on me

This one may sound a little self-centred but hey it’s Christmas, we’re all allowed to indulge and one of the best benefits of working over Christmas is that others will give you the sympathetic ‘ooh that’s unfortunate’ when you mention it. We’re not suggesting you should milk this one too much but there is definitely an upside to missing out on the frantic dinner prepping, last-minute present wrapping or fighting off other shoppers in a bid to grab the last gift in the shop. Sometimes having to work on the busiest and most stressful days of the year has its perks!

‘Damn I can’t go, I have to work…’

Praise be to valid excuses. Christmas may be one of the best times for work do’s, catch-up’s with old friends and general good times but it’s also rife with occasions you’d rather avoid. Whether it’s a family party you get told you have to go to because great Aunty Vera will be there and she hasn’t seen you for ages (meaning 20 years), a party where you don’t really know anyone but you get invited anyway by the host or just day 5 of your in-laws staying over, having to go to work can be a gift.
Not only is telling people you’re working easy and honest, it sounds better than coming down with a mysterious 24 hour bug, having to attend your cousin’s, budgies uncle’s funeral or having an urgent doctor’s appointment. You’re likely to be met with sympathy (see point three) and a quick change in conversation than having to defend yourself and end up digging yourself into a hole with excuses.

Not the only bright star at Christmas

The guiding star will have another shining light to contend with if you volunteer to work over Christmas instead of waiting until you’re asked or told you have to do it and accepting begrudgingly. Even if it’s just a half-day, volunteering to come into the office and help cover or working from home to get some tasks done before the new year will show your boss that you’re hard-working and a dedicated member of staff.
It will also aid your colleagues if there’s only a couple going in who could use a helping hand and show them that you’re a team-player, and may encourage your boss to put you forward for extra responsibilities or even opportunities for progression.

Dollar dollar bills

Yes you can value the heart-warming experience of helping others and that’s a good thing to do, but simply put earning some extra cash at Christmas is another one of the best benefits of working over Christmas. Between buying gifts, travelling to social events or splashing out on a round for your colleagues the cost of the festive season can mount up and being faced with bills and an empty bank account in January is never a pleasant experience.
Working over Christmas means you can earn something to help and your company may even have increased pay in place. Merry Christmas indeed!
If you want to give yourself the gift of a new job or find a company that you’d be jumping at the chance to work for over Christmas then we’re hear to spread Christmas cheer and advice!