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We all know by now that LinkedIn is a modern professional’s bread and butter- it easily outstrips all of its competition as the world’s number one online social network for business networking, and has single-handedly revolutionised the job market as we know it. Whether you’re looking to make introductions with peers or searching for your next job role, you have access to top talent at your fingertips.
However, many of us don’t tend to make the most of our time on LinkedIn. It can often feel like a chore rather than something that we see true value in, but trust us- up-to-date, active LinkedIn profiles are now so crucial for both job seekers and recruiters that you can’t afford to be left behind.
So if you’re looking to maximise your time on LinkedIn and boost your prospects, here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Update your profile regularly

If you’re looking to find that perfect job role or candidate, make sure your profile is as relevant and detailed as possible. Start with the basics and upload a clear photo of yourself- you ideally need a professional looking image rather than a casual shot. We’d also advise against Snapchat filters- you ultimately want to demonstrate your professionalism and make a solid first impression, so steer clear of anything that doesn’t portray this!
You’ll then need to fill in your work history as well as you can. A lot of people can scrimp on this section, so be sure to dedicate some time to give a detailed, coherent overview. LinkedIn members will be able to build up an idea of your skills and achievements, and introduce you to networks that may be of benefit to you.
LinkedIn offers two levels of membership- basic and premium. It might be worth starting off on a basic level if you’re a job seeker, as you’ll still be able to create your profile and apply for jobs. For recruiters, LinkedIn Premium may work as a more viable option as you’ll be able to search for candidates more effectively. LinkedIn Premium has four subcategories- Premium Career, Sales Navigator, Recruiter Lite, and Premium Business, each with their own individual costings. These premium plans allow you to expand your online presence through additional resources and features.

Make connections, but be strategic

It can be tempting to go on a spree and send as many invitations as possible, but quantity doesn’t always mean quality. You ultimately want to connect with people who can provide opportunity, and help you with your job/candidate search. Start by connecting with others in your industry, as well as colleagues and peers. This will help you build a solid foundation as you progress, as you’ll be connected with people that can vouch for you and support your career development.
If you come across people that you want to reach out to, such as potential employers or industry experts, there are ways and means of going about this. Most of us are used to receiving a swarm of LinkedIn messages that aren’t particularly relevant or personable to us, so make sure you stand out by keeping things to the point and approaching them with sincerity. This means no copying and pasting!
LinkedIn endorsements can also help you make strategic connections- it’s a relatively new feature that essentially works as a review system, allowing your connections to affirm your skills and expertise. It also helps recruiters quickly review your talents, and can swing things in your favour if people are hesitant to respond to your message.
Again, be selective about who endorses you. You want your endorsements to be as genuine as possible, so your sister’s friend’s cousin who you worked with for 3 months just won’t cut it. Think about who can add credibility to your profile, such as clients, managers or colleagues.

Search Company Profiles

Make the most of your resources by researching company profiles. This makes it easy to keep track of new hires, job postings, and company statistics that peak your interest.
If you’re a job seeker, you can use the site to research companies, interviews, recruiters and hiring managers, which is especially helpful when submitting applications and preparing for interviews. You can also play this to your advantage by targeting people in your network that are already employed by those dream businesses that you want to work for.
You’ll need to invest a fair bit of time into LinkedIn to reap the rewards, but if you tackle it as proactively as possible, you’ll find it becomes a huge benefit to you further down the line.  Keep at it, and you might just land the job (or candidate) of your dreams.
If you’re looking for some help with your current job search, or you’d like a hand with finding a talented new employee, feel free to drop us a line.