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We’ve all felt it- the familiar pang in the stomach as you realise the weekend is almost at an end. You head to the office on Monday morning, sit down at your desk, and find an endless stream of #MondayMotivation posts and inspirational quotes cluttering your social media as you try and claw your way through the day. We don’t know about you, but it’s enough to send us over the edge.
But don’t despair- there are plenty of ways to set up your new week in the most proactive way possible, without all the hashtags.
We’re therefore sharing a few of our own tried and tested tips to kick Monday right where it hurts. We hope they serve you well.

Sunday Sleep

We know- it’s far easier said than done. But if you can try and create a realistic Sunday night routine for yourself, it should help in the long run.
There are tonnes of articles and wellness tips already swarming the internet, but be sure to follow a guide that is actually realistic for you and your lifestyle. Simple things such as reducing your screen time can help improve your sleep patterns and brain function, and provides fewer distractions.
You’ll then feel more refreshed when you wake up on Monday, and more proactive about tackling your work. It can take a while to adapt your routine for this one though, so keep at it for a few weeks so you can give your body time to adjust.

Reward Yourself

This is the fun bit. If you’re managing to check things off your to-do list and you’re making progress with your workload, be sure to cut yourself some slack. A little treat here and there will keep your motivation going, and sustain a more positive mind set.
We’re not suggesting you go wild and blow all your wages, but a cheeky latte from your favourite coffee outlet isn’t going to break the bank. Even something as simple as making some weekend plans can help boost your mood, and will give you more incentive to get your head down and crack on.

Plan Mondays on a Friday

While it’s tempting to wind down and think longingly of the pub, do your best to make the most of your Fridays by planning ahead and being strategic.
Try to plough through any outstanding tasks on Fridays, and be proactive in organising your week by creating a personal schedule. This should help with banishing those Sunday night blues, as you’ll already be one step ahead when you return to work. This is especially useful when tackling any upcoming projects or hefty workloads (we speak from experience here).
So if you’re struggling to find that motivation to crack on with your working week, give a couple of these tips a spin. It can be a bit of an uphill battle to change your habits, but trust us- it definitely pays off further down the line.
Do you have any of your own methods to boost your Monday motivation? Pop a comment below and share your thoughts.
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