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It’s National Unicorn Day, and while horned horses may only be a thing of myths and legends, unicorn employees are a real thing. Just like their namesake they are rare though and a massive benefit to businesses, so if you want to know how to be a unicorn employee then read on!

Give it your all

It can be easy to slack off sometimes at work and just coast through the day, but if you want to be a unicorn employee then you have to put the effort in. While you shouldn’t work 6-8 every day and completely exhaust yourself, you can still make small changes to go the extra mile and make a good impression on your boss. Make sure you always arrive on time, or slightly early if you can, don’t spend half the day chatting to colleagues and learn to focus, and make extra effort to complete projects well and in advance of when they are expected. This will allow you time to review your work, but also show others that you are organised and have a strong work-ethic.

Be part of the herd

Horses are very social animals that like to live in packs, and unicorns are no exception. Not everyone loves to be outgoing and sociable all the time, and that’s fine, but being a good team-mate doesn’t always mean being around others 24/7. If you prefer to work on a more of a solo basis there are perks to this, however you should try and get to know others around you, join in on occasional social activities if you can and let people know that you’re willing to work as a team or help others in a moment of need.
If you help others chances are they’ll help you back in the future, and boosting people up when they need a push means you may get others boosting you too and encouraging you to keep working hard.

Be open to new ideas

Being determined can often be a useful trait, but if you want to know how to be a unicorn employee then you need to know the difference between determination and stubbornness. Determination is having the drive to do something, but being stubborn means you won’t let anyone else’s views or thoughts interrupt you from getting there.
Learning to listen to what others have to say can make you a better employee and shows you don’t just value your own opinion above all others. Unicorns can identify their strengths and recognise where their weaknesses lie and aren’t afraid to ask for help if they need it.

Volunteer as tribute

Okay so we’re not actually suggesting that you volunteer to fight to the death, but raising your hand sometimes when no one else will can pay off. If you usually slink to the back of the crowd when it comes to team projects, try offering to be part of a team for a project or assignment and using it as an opportunity to contribute and share your skills and knowledge. These can help you build your relationships and impress your manager, and if you really want to make a good impression look out for tasks that involve more than one than department.
If you want a chance to work your unicorn magic and make a great impression then we can help. You can check out all of our jobs here.